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CE Marking : Conformity Europa :

The CE Mark, which is affixed to a product or its packaging, is considered proof that a product has met the requirements of the harmonized European standard, or directive.


The European   Commission, which ad-ministers the program, describes the CE Mark as a PASSPORT for goods to be sold freely within the internal European market.


CE marking on a product indicates to all authorities that the product is in compliance with the essential health and safety requirements of all directives that apply to the product.


To facilitate free trade and ensure the safety of certain products, European countries have developed a series of standards, or directives as they are called. Compliance is mandatory. It is a legal obligation on the part of the manufacturer or his agent. Penalties for failing to get CE-marking for a product can be severe.


If you wish to sell your products within the European Union member states and the European Economic Area, the product in question must comply with the directive(s).


This also applies if you are a manufacturer who wants to export products into the European member countries.


The directives replace individual country standards as they relate principally to the safety of these products.



CE marking on a product: 


• Indicates that the product can be legally sold within the European Union (EU) and the European Free Trade Area (EFTA). 


• Ensures the product can move freely throughout the European single market. 


• Indicates to customers that the product meets minimum safety standards and therefore has a minimum level of quality.


Partner with IIQC if you require CE marking of your product(s) to the requirements of various EU directives. They are applicable to a wide range of products sold within or exported to countries in the European Union and European Economic Area.


We have arrangements (Tie-up) for both notified & non-notified certificates.


Where is CE marking required?


CE-marking compliance is a legal requirement in the European Union member states and the European Economic Area countries. The countries are: 
• Austria 
• Belgium 
• Bulgaria 
• Cyprus 
• Czech Republic 
• Denmark 
• Estonia 
• Finland 
• France 
• Germany 
• Greece 
• Hungary 
• Iceland 
• Ireland 
• Italy 
• Latvia 
• Lichtenstein 
• Lithuania 
• Luxemburg 
• Malta 
• Norway 
• Poland 
• Portugal 
• Romania 
• Slovakia 
• Slovenia 
• Spain 
• Sweden 
• The Netherlands 
• UK 
other countries are likely to adopt the directives in the future. 

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